Kids4Truth Program

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm

Kids4Truth is a God-focused program designed specifically to teach children the foundational doctrines of God’s Word in a creative and engaging manner. Your child will learn more about God and how to know Him and serve Him through games, songs, and, most importantly, the teaching of God’s Word.

The Kids4Truth program was designed by Bob Roberts who has worked with children in local church and camp settings for over fifteen years. This makes the program uniquely suited to teach God’s truth to children in a manner geared to their level of understanding. Twelve doctrinal themes are adjusted to four levels of learning based on age group. Each year six of these themes are covered. The themes include the doctrines of God’s Word, Jesus Christ, God’s Law, and the Goodness of God.

A series of awards and badges have been created with the intention of motivating the children to learn to know and love God and to walk closely with Him.

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